ForQuilt – assistant for masters of quilt


This program looks like regular painting program but in addition it has specific features designed to help masters of quilt:

  • Table for main work and additional table for sketches
  • Drawing lines with mouse or tablet pen
  • Manipulate with lines and images individually or grouping them
  • Take a picture from the web-camera
  • Clone lines in a sequences

The program is free to use. It can be downloaded from this site:

Feel free to leave comments or report issues.



ForQuilt is made on WPF with using ink-canvas control where it’s easy to draw by mouse pointer.


Easy way to combine, arrange and change drawings, shapes and images. Possibility to repeat drawings and images is essential to imagine how sewing thread pattern looks like.


Even though images from files or clipboard can be added to work area, capture image from web-camera may become favorite way to put fabric to work table and start working with arranging fragments and thread ornaments.

QuiltHelper-Inroducing-03  QuiltHelper-Inroducing-04

Two work areas – “Main Work Table” and “Sketch Work Table” – allow preparing fragments from image and making drawings in one area and copy/paste them to another one.


Afterwards whole work area can be saved as an image file.

QuiltHelper-Inroducing-06  QuiltHelper-Inroducing-07

User interface is translated to following languages:

  • English
  • Russian

Downloads section contains file Resources.csv with UI titles and messages which can be translated to support required language in ForQuilt (please contact to developer).

Setup or remove ForQuilt

1. Prerequisites

Please ensure your computer has the following prerequisites installed before installing ForQuilt

2. Installation

Download ForQuilt setup package from Download section and run it.

Follow the instruction of setup wizard – change options or leave them by default.

Setup creates folder ForQuilt in Start Menu with shortcut which starts ForQuilt. Setup also creates such shortcut on Desktop.

3. Change ForQuilt interface language

By default UI interface language is chosen according localization settings on the computer where it is installed. To change default language add argument to ForQuilt shortcut in Start Menu or on Desktop as following


Click the right mouse button on ForQuilt shortcut to invoke context menu. Select Properties menu item


Add language signature next to executable file name (and separated by space)

4. Uninstallation

To uninstall ForQuilt run Uninstall shortcut from ForQuilt folder in Start Menu and follow the uninstallation wizard.


Video tutorials (english, russian)

Base operations


  • Draw, clear
  • Select with lasso
  • Group, break group
  • Change color or thickness of lines

Pattern on the picture from the camera


  • Take a picture from the web-camera
  • Save to a file
  • Load from a file
  • Make a patternTo take a picture from the web-camera
  • open the dialog “Add a picture from web-camera” (a button in the group “Add”)
  • put the fabric in front of the camera and hit “Take picture”
  • If the picture is not good enough – hit the button more times
  • Hit the button “Add picture to the table”
  • Optionally – timer can be started to take a picture with delay. This allows to hold the fabric in front of the camera with two hand.

Repeat drawings or images


  • Prepare composition from image fragments
  • Repeat selected drawing or image

The video-tutorial has English subtitles.

Select a drawing or a image – hit the button “Select with lasso”



Hit “Repeat selected”


Click on the any free space of the work table and move the mouse cursor.


The red line indicates the distance between the copy and the direction of repeating.

Scroll the mouse wheel to extend or reduce amount of copies.


Click on the free space of the work table to finish the operation.