Visual Scene Constructor – make 3D scene with C# and OpenGL

Open-source library VirtualSceneConstructorIntroSharpGL allows to implement 3D visualization with C# and OpenGL. There is support of WPF 3D view-ports.





This open-source project uses open-source library SharpGL to create WPF application visualizing 3D models with OpenGL. Sources are located in GitHub.


  • Tree 3D view-ports.
  • Add to the 3D scene: sphere, cube, hollow cylinder, cameras.
  • Import the geometry from Wavefront format (with extension “obj”), including materials. E.g. created in Blender.
  • Add a spur gear. Parameters can be changed: face width, number of teeth, outside diameter. Optionally shown auxiliary geometry.
  • Save the scene to the archived file.
  • Load the saved project.