Setup 3D printer server OctoPrint on PCDuino

Setup video-streaming

  • Video-streaming for the Control tab can be setup with two options
    • Following instruction for setting-up the USB web-camera PCDuino
      • Command running the streaming in this instruction defined resolution 320×240 and port 8090 – this port should be used in the file ~/.octoprint/config.yaml in section webcam/stream (see section Webcam of the instruction)

        mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/lib/ -d /dev/video0  -y -r 320x240 -f 10" -o "/usr/lib/ -p 8090 -w /var/www/mjpg_streamer"

    • Following the instruction for setting-up camera for Raspberry Pi – with following modification: in the file mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer-experimental/Makefile remove or commend all lines related to raspicam before running the command make
  • Video-streaming set-up with one of these options can be run independently – in the browser
  • Video-streaming consumes pretty much CPU resources. Streaming with 10 frames per second with resolution 320×240 takes 20-30% of CPU, with resolution 640×480 takes more than 50% and can warm CPU chip and lead to issues with stability of the system. Use the command “top” or “htop” to see how much resources are consumed with different operations (read Performance Monitoring hint for these commands)


NB: There is a similar server – AstroBox which can be run on Raspberry Pi and PCDuino as well. This project has a cloud service – AstroPrint