Dart programming language and frameworks with it

Dart is an Open Source programming language (GitHub repository), created by Google. It is used in some of Google applications (e.g. AdWords). Google also created:

  • SDK – includs the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more
  • Flutter – for mobile application development
  • AngularDart – for web application development
  • Dart tools – IDE plugins, server script tools, and more

Dart SDK

  • GitHub repository – the Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.
  • SDK installation. After the installation – run the command
brew info dart

Output will provide information about installed version and the path to SDK

==> Options
	Install development version 2.2.0-dev.0.0
==> Caveats
Please note the path to the Dart SDK:


Flutter is a framework to build mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones, using same code base. It has plugins for AndroidStudio, JetBrains IDEA, VS Code, Vim, Emacs.

Development for iOS requires Xcode.


AngularDart is a web application framework that powers some of Google’s applications. It’s built on Dart.

Dart Tools

  • dart2js is a tool to compile Dart code to deployable JavaScript. Another Dart-to-JavaScript compiler, dartdevc, is for development use only
dart2js --out=test.js test.dart


  • Angel is a full-featured, full-stack, server-side framework, with ability to share logic between the client and server. It includes also client library that supports plain HTTP, REST, WebSockets, dependency injection, complex routing, etc.
  • Curated list of plug-ins, apps and resources