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Microservices – short reference


In contrast to the monolithic applications, microservices approach split business functionality to independent external parts, implemented with individual services (from few to hundreds).

Following aspects are essential for implementation of microservices:

  • API Gateway
  • API Management
  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • Service registry and discovery
  • Database┬áseparation and synchronisation (MDM – Master┬áData┬áManagement)
  • Service balancing
  • Messaging
  • Data transfer format
  • Protocols
  • Versionning
  • Automatisation of deployment
  • Caching

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ForQuilt – assistant for masters of quilt


This program looks like regular painting program but in addition it has specific features designed to help masters of quilt:

  • Table for main work and additional table for sketches
  • Drawing lines with mouse or tablet pen
  • Manipulate with lines and images individually or grouping them
  • Take a picture from the web-camera
  • Clone lines in a sequences

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