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Setup C++ IDE CLion on Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Mate

CLion is a crossplatform IDE for C++ made by JetBrains. CLion is not free but it is really helpful – with all its intentions, hints and refactorings. CLion has 30 days free trial license. Find out more on video introductions.

Eclipse is a free alternative but with less automation, assistance and features (this article describes the installation of Eclipse on Ubuntu).

Known issues on Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Mate

  • Debugging does not work – because of not supported GDB version
  • On basic “Hello world” example there are issues with running the code – one of native terminal libraries fails. Compiled executable works fine. More complex example also works.

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ForQuilt – assistant for masters of quilt


This program looks like regular painting program but in addition it has specific features designed to help masters of quilt:

  • Table for main work and additional table for sketches
  • Drawing lines with mouse or tablet pen
  • Manipulate with lines and images individually or grouping them
  • Take a picture from the web-camera
  • Clone lines in a sequences

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